Quickball, Intramurals, Lip Sync (+ Some Welcomed Rain)!

It’s been another great day down the winding road! 4th of July prep is underway, and this blogger is sorry for what will be a brief post tonight. And what were fewer posts on social media. We promise it’s all for good reason. We’re so busy preparing for tomorrow’s festivities! July 4th is THE BEST DAY AT CAMP! We can’t wait to share the fun with you, so stay tuned!

All remains well in Greeley! More than well. It’s great! It’s cooled off (thanks to some quick rain passing through), and we couldn’t be happier. It was our final day of Polar Bear Club, we held a Quickball (softball/baseball) clinic which campers loved, we ran intramural games in soccer and flag football, and juniors are frantically practicing for JUNIOR LIP SYNC! Tonight! It’s happening! It’s all happening!

And there’s another buzz around camp. Tonight’s dinner is Chipotle night! No, we didn’t order in, but the kitchen has made a spread that will rival any Mexican restaurant.

Wishing you a happy July 4th from wherever you’re reading our daily update!

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