Rainy Day Fun @ CTT!

Friday, we’re in love … With RAINY DAY SCHEDULE!

Wow, we didn’t realize just how tired we were but when it was raining all morning, and the directors secretly called for a rainy day sleep-in, we didn’t even notice we were being woken up a full hour later! It was awesome! What makes a late wakeup even better? Avocado toast and chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top. YUM!

We did go ahead with a regular(but wet) 2nd and 3rd period, but by the time lunch rolled around we realized that rainy day schedule was where we were headed. And no one seemed to mind! In fact, screams of joy erupted in the dining hall as we announced at lunch that the rainy day activity would be fort building. Check out our photos of the day to see your happy campers!

And tonight, for real this time (since last time Olympics broke out), it’s Old Timers/New Timers! New Timers will have their own NEW TIMER PARTY (complete with ice cream sandwiches) and Old Timers (3+years) will have theirĀ  EPIC party! And our 10 year camper/counselors will have their names put up on the 10 year tree! And our 8 year campers/counselors will get their Old Timer’s Club shirt! And our 3+ year campers and counselors will receive a special gift and make-your-own ice cream sundaes! It’s an awesome, loud, good-as-it-gets Timber Tops night. There’s magic in the air at CTT, and today is one of those extra-special days and nights!

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