S.F.A., Grove Lunch, Overnights and Beyond!

Another great day down the winding road! But this one started a little differently. We had our first late (8:45AM) wakeup, and believe it or not, many slept the latest they’d ever slept before. Camp Timber Tops is an active place, and sometimes we need some extra Zs! Thursdays and Mondays are (usually!) our late-start days, and today was the first.

On Thursdays, after our late start, we have S.F.A. which stands for Supervised Free Activity. The girls spend the morning in a more relaxed way, choosing how to spend their free time. For some, that means letter-writing on the porch of the dining hall, Mad Libs under a tree, or grabbing some friends to host a pop-up nail salon in Junior Village. But it’s so much more than a lazy morning. We have extra special events happening around camp, and almost everyone participates in something fun and different. In addition to activities and courts being open to play, today’s extra-special SFA offerings were Broadway vocals class, Banana Boat making in outdoor cooking, the high zipline in full swing, a camper vs. counselor soccer game on the upper field (with pop music blasting for all to hear!), Wibit (those big inflatables) time in the lake, a Gaga tournament and a newcomb clinic.

And then it was our first grove lunch! Hamburgers, hotdogs, carrot and celery sticks, potato chips, coleslaw, lemonade — YUM — all under the pine grove in the center of camp. It was a gorgeous spot on a particularly gorgeous day.

After lunch and rest hour, we went to a “normal” schedule.

Later in the afternoon, some of our 2nd-5th graders prepared for their first overnight (everyone who’d like will have the opportunity)! Though they set up their tents and campsite in the early evening, they come back and participate in dinner and evening program (Name That Tune) with the rest of the juniors (Seniors have their first social with Lake Owego boys – 7th and 8th graders are here at CTT, and 9th and 10th graders are having their social at Owego) and then our Junior adventurers head back into the wild (okay, the Upper Field) after that. They’ll eat s’mores around the campfire, sing songs, tell stories, and enjoy a Pocono starry night. At campfires we say this, and it’s true: the stars shine brighter at camp, and the people do too.

Your girls, our girls, are shining brightly in Greeley!

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