S-F-A (Supervised Free Activity)! F-U-N!

Another glorious day under the Greeley sun. It’s true! We’re not exaggerating! Each day has just been more beautiful than the next! We feel like every day we say there’s something particularly exciting happening, but maybe it’s because every day is truly filled with something extraordinary at camp!

This morning we experienced the first late sleep since we’ve arrived, and it was much needed. The extra hour of shut-eye put some added pep in our step and allowed us to dance with even more gusto at morning lineup. After breakfast, and for the remainder of the morning, we experienced our first SFA DAY. That’s right, an entire morning of Supervised Free Activity. Counselors were stationed around camp and campers had the opportunity to choose their own morning adventures or just hang out and relax outside! In addition to regular activities being open for choice, we also run special, super-exciting optional programming at most activity areas. A STANDOUT highlight today (with fifty people signing up) was CUPCAKE WARS at cooking! It was awesome! Oh, and TIE DYE! YES! After a morning of free play, we enjoyed a delicious grove lunch outside (our first cookout of the season) at Hattie B’s BBQ: hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, and all the fixin’s. YUM!

The afternoon was back to regularly scheduled program as we prepare for another raucous evening at camp. Low Juniors (2nd-5th Graders): Minute to Win It; Hi Juniors (6th Graders): Panic; Seniors: The first social of the summer with the boys at Lake Owego! The theme? Sports! They’ll be socializing and organized games galore!

Speaking of evening program…. Drum roll, please….

Last Night’s Lip Sync victory goes to:LENOX!
Second Place: Juniper
Third Place: Sequoia + Gumbo Limbo Tie!

Well done to all! Tune in tomorrow for some more Timber Talk. We’ll be here all summer, folks!


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