Second Session Begins!

It was a beautiful day in downtown Greeley, PA as we welcomed our second session summer sisters! It was great to see so many new and old faces drive down that winding road this morning. We were so excited to get this second session party started!

About 200 campers at Timber Tops are full-season campers, but we do offer a half session option and today welcomed about 70 campers (after saying goodbye to about 100 full season campers yesterday). Our full season campers had a morning of SFA while greeting new campers, and the afternoon brought senior choice for our 7th-10th graders, a junior party for juniors, and general swim for all!

Tonight? The staff show! It’s the ONLY program we repeat all summer (we have one on the first night of the summer too), but we think it’s worth repeating; and each activity area has come up with a new skit anyway! It’s so much fun cheering on our counselors, and we love being together as one camp at the outdoor theater.

Tomorrow? Regular schedule! We can’t wait! Every day at camp is awesome, and we’re thrilled for three days of regular schedule before a very special weekend…VISITING DAY (for our full season campers) IS COMING ON SUNDAY! We’re so excited we could burst! (Second session campers have a great, out-of-camp day planned, too. Not to worry second-session moms and dads!)

Goodnight from down the winding road!

flag pole

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