It’s a great day! It’s a great life here at camp!

Apologies for yesterday’s failure to post. It was an awesome day with a highlight perhaps being Juniors at Costa’s! Well, folks, today the seniors went to Costa’s and it was just about as fabulous as always. Ice cream, water slides, go-carts, mini golf, bumper boats, everything a family fun park is meant to be! Costa’s is just 8 miles down the road, and it’s always an added bonus to any SFA day.

That’s right, it was an SFA day. SFA stands for Supervised Free Activity, and that means campers are given carte blanche to roam camp activities as they wish and participate in activities of their choosing. SFA day also means that in addition to activity areas simply being open for business, we also facilitate extra special fun! We had EXTRA extra special fun today.

First, many (close to 100!) of our campers chose to participate in our annual Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper 5K! It was a great way to start the morning. A number of our campers have been training all summer for this moment! You go, girls! You are awesome! Other extra special fun happenings around camp included candy sushi making in cooking, s’moreo making in outdoor cooking, the high zip line in full swing, special dance games in dance class, volleyball tennis on the upper courts, private tennis lessons on the lower courts, and open fun at the lake and pool.

We also enjoyed lunch in the grove as we always do on Thursdays. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ! Tonight, it’s off to a luau social for seniors and Name That Tune for juniors. And what about Pioneer Days!? We hear they could break at ANY moment…Stay tuned, friendly Timber Talk followers! It’s comingĀ  (shhhhh)!

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