Sun, Rain, Challah, Campfires, and CTT 2017!

Despite some inclement weather in the afternoon, it was a great day at camp. The morning was sunny, and we were thrilled to play out on Lake Selma, swim, dance, cook (quesadillas in outdoor cooking!), and participate in athletic clinics. Our advanced gymnastics class has been looking better each day, and power yoga is taking on a life of its own. Oh! How could we forget Arts & Crafts! After a one-year maternity leave, Ali is back as head of A&C for her 12th summer at Timber Tops, and we are so happy to have her back in Greeley where she belongs! Have we mentioned the play? Play practice was in full swing today, as was adventure, media, and gaga… You get the picture! There’s too much going on to name!

With severe thunderstorm warnings in Greeley (which ended up being not-too-severe! Whew!), we headed inside for an afternoon of fun. Seniors participated in a Miss CTT ridiculous pageant. They dressed up their counselors and gave each a unique look and “talent” (we use the word “talent” loosely) to share with the group. It. Was. Hilarious. Seniors loved it!

Juniors spent the afternoon playing Action Auction, an old Timber Tops favorite. If you’ve ever been to new family weekend, parents, you’ve seen it. It’s definitely an oldie but a goody. Despite the rain, our new campers are settling in so nicely this summer! We love our newest Timber Tops girls!

Tonight, at dinner, we enjoyed our first homemade challahs of the season, and our camp doctor, Dr. Leigh, an alumna, stood on her chair and taught us all the CHICKEN SONG! Tonight we’ll have our first Friday night campfire. The whole camp will come together to sing camp songs and share thoughts on tonight’s theme, FRIENDSHIP.

It’s worth mentioning that today marked our first TOURS OF CAMP for those thinking about CTT 2017! Can you believe it? With that said, registration for next summer is open! YIKES! We’ll send out an official email in the next couple of weeks, but here’s a link should you wish to register your camper now at our most discounted rate (the “Visiting Day” rate valid through Visiting Day, posted under dates and fees on the website, all refundable through February 1st).

Another great day in Greeley! To our family and friends heading out for the holiday weekend, enjoy and safe travels! We’re staying put at camp, but tons of fun is coming to us. Stay tuned for details! 🙂


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