Sunday Funday at CTT!

It was another beautiful day down the winding road! Our Explorers had a morning filled with Gaga, cooking and arts & crafts, and our junior campers couldn’t have been more welcoming to them. Morning challenges in the dining hall are usually daring head staff to sit at a table with a bunk, or a bunk daring another bunk to wear underwear on their head, but this morning we heard, “quiet please, dedicated to the Explorers: we dare you to come to camp next year.” It was pretty adorable! Breakfast was especially delicious too with homemade breakfast kugel, homemade gravlox and all the fixings for our bagels and eggs.

The sun was shining all day and many of our juniors made a mark on their running-log tally. Others tried out our new mountain biking trails! Seniors participated in a lacrosse clinic, a field hockey clinic, and lots of fitness with Ana, our personal trainer. Tennis looked awesome, too! Who can forget our enormous yoga class, dance, cooking, play practice, outdoor rec, the adventure course abuzz, the lake the pool, the sticker swap in Bunk Baobob… Well, the list could go on forever!

And, of course, Olympics is definitely in the air. The girls are so excited that they’re listening carefully for the first signs of breakout at all times, wearing their sneakers everywhere they go in case thy have to run, chanting “we want, we want OLYMPIC GAMES!” When will it be? No one knows! (Okay some people know, but this blogger will never tell!)

Does it seem to you that every night here at Timber Tops is better than the last? It feels that way to us! What could follow last night’s AMAZING Backtrack Vocals performance? Tonight’s CABARET! Each year our 8th graders plan and execute an awesome cabaret for the whole camp. They find and coordinate acts to perform, they create a refreshment committee, they decorate the entire dance pavilion and flagpole area, and every year they pick a TOP-SECRET theme! Well…Tonight is the cabaret, and you heard it here first. Breaking news: CABARET 2018 is …A SLUMBER PARTY!

This place is the best!


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