Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Another beautiful day in Greeley, PA, moms and dads!

This one will be quick, but WHAT A DAY! Our schedule was in full swing again, and camp was hoppin’ from hip hop in dance, to beginners yoga, to basket weaving in A&C, to Muscles with Michelle. A pancake breakfast of champions, Greeley-famous bean/cheese quesadillas for lunch, and delicious Chinese food for dinner. Junior and senior evening program was Name That Tune (a highlight), but the special event today was a 9th and 10th grade trip to the Scranton RailRiders, the Yankees AAA team! Our oldest girls headed to Scranton with the Lake Owego and Pine Forest 9th and 10th graders for someĀ  good old fashioned, Hi-Senior, 3-camp fun. And we made the jumbo-tron! YES!

Speaking of 3-camp fun, stay tuned for 11th grade Costa Rica pics to come!


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