Ted Talk, Tournaments, Cupcakes and More!

The day began with a very special visitor: TED + SUE WEINSTEIN! Ted and Sue were the directors of Timber Tops for 35 years (and they’re Missy’s aunt and uncle!). Ted was and is a wonderful person and director, but he’s probably best known for giving the same weather report at lineup for every day of his career. Today, he gave it again: “It’s a beautiful day in downtown Greeley!” Ted shared, and we believe, that it’s always a beautiful day at camp, no matter the weather, because camp is filled with such love, friendship and community. It was especially fun to watch Ted and Sue spend time with their granddaughters, now Timber Tops campers today. What a place this is! Oh, and it really WAS a beautiful day today in every sense of the word.

We enjoyed a regular (but never ordinary!) schedule today with play practice, fitness games, tennis privates, wibit adventures, zumba escapades, gaga tournaments and dancing up a storm. Extra-special, out of the ordinary events included a master cupcake making class for our Top Cooks (next week they’re off to the Culinary Institute of America) and two inter-camp tournaments, basketball and soccer. Though we didn’t win, we fought our hardest and the sportsmanship and level of competition experienced was amazing. It’s going to be a great summer of fun and friendly competition. There was a great vibe in the air!

Tonight there’s no Junior canteen because… COOKIE BAKE NIGHT! And the crowd is going wild! It’s basically the best night of camp ever. Except…Well, last night’s a cappella show…Oh, and tomorrow night’s fireworks… Okay, maybe not the BEST night, but it’s definitely up there!

Just you wait for tomorrow’s update, parents. You can travel far and why, but there’s nothing quite like July 4th in Greeley. Make sure to check out Facebook for live July 4th updates!

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