The first FULL DAY of CTT 2019!

The first FULL DAY of CTT 2019, and we made every moment count!

This morning we rolled out of bed and to lineup in our PJs, of course! It was chilly, perfect weather for showing off our fuzzy onesies, camptastic nightgowns and unicorn clad flannel pj bottoms. After our first, all-camp “Bones” lineup dance, we heard announcements of the day which included information about play tryouts (THE LITTLE MERMAID! And everyone makes it, of course), private tennis lessons and horseback riding schedules, all of which are in full swing! For breakfast? Bagels, lox, all the fixings, eggs, potatoes, coffee cake, fresh fruit and more. Every day at breakfast, in addition to whatever is being served, we always have regular yogurt, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, an assortment of cold cereals, fruit and more (for example a ricotta toast or avocado toast bar)!

And then the sun showed off its best and brightest colors, so we slathered on the sunscreen, filled up our water bottles, and headed out for a day of good ol’ fashioned camp FUN! Activities this morning were action-packed, highlights included tie-dye in Arts & Crafts, the low zip in Junior Adventure, diving classes at the pool, lacrosse and soccer clinics on Hughie Field and so much more! Lunch was chicken (chicken tenders and grilled chicken), curly fries, and every kind of salad under the sun.

This afternoon brought junior lifeguarding at the lake, junior swim instruction at the pool, basket weaving in Arts & Crafts, and our inaugural ukulele lessons in music! We also held Mike (our Athletic Director)’s famous aerobics class, and Gaga was as wild and intense as always! In gymnastics today the girls worked their magic on the floor and tumble track, and in yoga we stretched and practiced mindfulness. In short, it feels like we’ve been here forever!

Tonight, an Italian dinner  (lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, bow tie pasta, roasted veggies,  garlic bread, and more) followed by our first S.F.A (Supervised Free Activity) where campers get to play around camp wherever they choose. It’s the equivalent of playing in the backyard at home, and though counselors are stationed in different activity areas, there’s no real instruction. It’s the perfect, after-dinner opportunity each day to play tennis with a friend, finish a friendship bracelet, practice a dance routine, or just play some cards or read a book on the bunk porch!

But the best part of every day at camp doesn’t take place by day, it’s EVENING PROGRAM! Tonight brings Adventure Challenge for Juniors (a series of team building activities on the ropes course), a scavenger hunt for 7th, 8th and 9th graders, and CA bonding activities for our 10th graders (we call our 10th graders CAs which stands for Counselor Assistants, but really they’re our oldest, most fabulous campers, our leaders in spirit and fun all summer)!

Well, we’re exhausted just recapping Day 1! A logistical note, though there are occasional exceptions for extraordinary camp happenings, once the blog is posted (usually before dinnertime and always noted on Facebook), that marks our last social media post of the day. We thought we’d let you know to save a “refresh” or two! 😉

Have a great night, and love from Greeley!


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