There’s Magic in the Air!

Today was another great day at camp! On weekends we limit inter-camp competitions and out-of-camp expeditions, since the world is a busier place on the weekend; we stay right here at Timber Tops. But, as always, we had an awesome, active, busy “regular” day! Campers practiced for our first-session show, Matilda, and we can tell it’s going to be an awesome performance tomorrow night. The girls have been working so hard! Outdoor cooking looked fantastic today, volleyball clinics went full steam ahead, and flag football on the upper field was spirited and fun as ever. Speaking of fun, the new lake inflatable is awesome! We’ve been loving it!

Our 11th graders sat down with our CAs (10th graders) to talk about their experience in Costa Rica. It was a great and powerful meeting, and it’s clear what a huge impact that experience had on our girls. And we welcomed a number of prospective campers for a play day today! Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

There’s a buzz in the air surrounding tomorrow’s 5k and horse show, and we cannot believe that tomorrow also marks the last day of regular schedule for our first-season campers. Say it ain’t so!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tonight we have a magician coming to camp to perform!  Sounds magical to us, moms and dads!

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