Timber Tops Tuesday!

During the year, many of our campers (and counselors) post Timber Tops pictures on social media with the hashtag #timbertopstuesday. Guess what? No need for hashtags today! We’re here! It’s the best kind of Timber Tops Tuesday!

Today was another awesome, active, busy and beautiful day down the winding road. We traveled outside of camp for a dance competition where our girls totally rocked it, and we also hosted a gymnastics competition where we came in second place overall! It was so much fun participating! We had an advanced soccer clinic on the upper field as well, and it was a great day for us to have an extra soccer practice- breezy, sunny, perfect! Also today our seniors returned from their 20 mile canoe trip! The trip was totally optional, but those who participated canoed 14 miles yesterday, camped out overnight (and made dinner in their campsite), and canoed an additional six miles today. Everyone who participated has been raving, and we’re so thrilled to welcome those campers back- we’re also so proud of their great accomplishment!  Here they are below!

Tonight, it’s Pike County Idol! The finalists from Timber Tops Idol will compete against other camp idols. Here are our CTT idols prepared for tonight’s performance… Go, CTT, GO!

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