Timber Tops Tuesday, Tennis, Dance, Pike County Idol, OH MY!

It’s been another great day down The Winding Road! Did you check out our breaking news video out of media today? We posted it on Facebook, and you should definitely check it out! Here’s the gist: Pioneer Days is in the air. We’re not sure when, we’re not sure what, but we KNOW it’s coming. Three days of sportsmanship, competition and fun – we can’t wait! The breakout could be any minute!

But let’s back up to this morning’s wakeup. The CAs woke us up by revealing that today is TIMBER TOPS TUESDAY! The truth is, every Tuesday is Timber Tops Tuesday (and our older campers post #timbertopstuesday photos from camp throughout the year), but this one is extra special because it’s one of our last Tuesdays at camp this summer. We know, we know, we won’t start getting too sappy yet, but we just can’t believe how fast this summer is flying. Today we proudly wore our red and white and held our heads extra high on this day of CTT spirit!

Today a number of girls participated in the Marvin Black USTA tennis tournament at Pine Forest Camp, and they did great! So, too, did our dancers who competed against four other camps here at CTT during our Pike County Dance competition. And speaking of Pike County, this evening during SFA is Pike County Idol. Held at Lake Owego Camp, all winners of each respective camp’s idol competition will perform in Pike County Idol! Last night’s Timber Tops Idol winners were the duet of Rachel F. and Rachel K., two CAs singing “Remedy” by Adel. Good luck tonight, Rachel and Rachel!

Tonight’s evening program is…SENIOR LIP SYNC, a CTT classic. And who knows what might happen after. Only time well tell!

That’s all from Greeley for tonight, folks! We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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