Timber Tops Tuesday!

We mentioned this earlier in the summer, but to those on Instagram, check out #timbertopstuesday. It’s pretty amazing how Tuesdays bring out the best in Timber Tops girls all year round. But SEVEN Timber Tops Tuesdays are the most fabulous, because we’re actually at Timber Tops! This Timber Tops Tuesday may have been the best all year! Camp was bustling today.

In celebration of Timber Tops Tuesday, the entire camp wore red and white all day. Not just that, but faces were decorated, red beads worn, streamers brought out…It was awesome. We have SUCH a spirited camp every day, but days like this are over-the-top fun.

Speaking of fun and spirited, our 9th and 10th grade girls headed over to Pine Forest for a hi-senior girls vs. hi-senior girls basketball game this afternoon. Okay, we didn’t win, but we sang and cheered at the top of our lungs and made Pine Forest remember that Timber Tops girls are THE BEST! Marvin Black, our 90-year-old founder, was at the game, and he suggested that Pine Forest girls take cheerleading classes to keep up with us. He wasn’t kidding! We were on fire! We had the best time!

Another highlight of the day included a junior trip to Shohola Falls! The girls played and swam under the waterfall, picked raspberries and searched for salamanders. It’s one of those days they’ll remember always.

Finally, in the spirit of all things wacky and all things Timber Tops, we celebrated the birthdays of Millie (Head of Seniors) and Rachel (Head of Juniors) today! Today is 8/4. Their birthday (they have the same birthday!) is 4/8. It was in the computer wrong and they showed up on the camp birthday list. So, guess what?! We celebrated their camp birthday! Happy Birthday, Millie and Rachel!

Tonight? SENIOR LIP SYNC! If you don’t already, make sure to tune into our Vimeo channel from time to time for updates and live videos from camp!

Today was a great day to be a Timber Tops girl. But isn’t every day?

These girls had a blast at Shohola Falls today!

These girls had a blast at Shohola Falls today!


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