Our last #TimberTopsTuesday at camp this summer was just about as great as it could possibly be. After a rainy and dismal day yesterday, we were thrilled when the sun started peeking through the clouds and what began as a chilly August morning became the absolute most beautiful, picture-perfect day at camp of the whole summer.

Since we worked so hard during Pioneer Days, we started the day with a well-deserved late sleep. Outside of normal camp life, there was a Top Cooks pickling class (yum!), prep for tomorrow’s horse show, six graders heading to waterski in masses, dance workshops with visiting artist Kelli Moshen, a soccer clinic, a flag football tournament and so much more.

But wait! There’s more! Play practice has been going full steam all day in preparation for tonight’s performance! The play! It’s here! “CAMP ROCKS” is going to ROCK.

Break a leg, girls!

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