Top 10 List: What We’re Looking Forward To!

As it gets warmer and warmer outside, we can only think of one thing: take us to CAMP! Take us to the mountains!

Here are just a few of the things we can’t WAIT for:

10) THE MOUNTAIN AIR! Is it just us, or is it easier to breathe at camp? Why is it so hot in the city? It’s unnatural! How do people take this heat? Take us to ASB! Take us to Lake Selma!

9) A WORLD WITHOUT RINGING, BUZZING, and ALERTS! Listen, we love our phones during the year too. But ya know what? We can’t wait to get away from them. Ya know what doesn’t need a filter? #CAMPTIMBERTOPS

8) FACETIME. Like, REAL face time. When’s the last time you had an uninterrupted conversation with your friends. No phones. No TV. No homework. No time frame. We can’t wait to SEE you and TALK to you and spend time with each other! It’s what makes camp friends the closest kind of friends.

7) CAMP FOOD. No, really. Is it just us, or do others miss it? Maybe you’re a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, chicken curry salad for lunch, vegetarian meal for dinner kinda gal. Maybe you love grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with tomatoes and tomato soup on the side as much as we do! Maybe it’s just that freshly baked Friday night challah. No? How about bug juice? Admit it. We had you at bug juice.

6) WEARING WHATEVA! You can literally wear anything you want at camp. And you do. And we do. And it’s a beautiful thing. Hey, Bunk Spruce! We challenge you to an underwear-on-your-head pajama breakfast!


4) EVENING ACTIVITIES. There’s just nothing like them in “real life.” Panic! Jellybean campfire! Warm fuzzies! Timberween! See you at lineup!

3) THE CAs. We spend our whole lives looking up to CAs (our 10th graders), don’t we? Even when we’re counselors and unit leaders and directors we look up to CAs! They bring so much fun, spirit and wackiness to camp, and we just can’t WAIT to see what this year’s CAs have in store for us!

2) THE BUNK. Those little wooden beds. Flashlight time. Friendship bracelets. Summer sisters. There’s nothing better. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

1) FREEDOM. INDEPENDENCE. FUN. Hey, what do you want to do today? Swim, bike, canoe, climb, dance, run, serve, paint, cook, hike, read, write, shoot, score, draw, sing, perform, photograph? Oh, all today? With your  best friends? From morning till night? Really? NO PROBLEM. Ya know, why? Because it’s camp, and that’s what it’s all about. Oh, unless Olympics breaks out. (Keep your shoes next to your bed! I heard they’re doing it the first week this year!)

See you soon.



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