Track Meet, Gymnastics Prep, Junior Overnight, Polar Bears, and Hi-Senior Spirit Game, TONIGHT at PFC!

Good evening, folks! It’s been another beautiful day down the winding road. We said goodbye to 18 happy Explorers who spent their first successful night at camp! We loved having you, girls, and hope to see many of you next summer.

First thing this morning we sent out girls out to a track meet that happens each summer at our local Wallenpaupack Area High School. It’s a serious track meet with many other local camps in attendance and guess what?! We won! No surprise here! Tomorrow we’re hosting our own gymnastics meet here at CTT, and the girls involved spent much of the day preparing. Tonight we have two big events happening under the Greeley sky. First, a JUNIOR OVERNIGHT for any interested Junior camper (and boy, well, girl, have we got a lot of interested junior campers). The girls will camp out on Hughie Field, under the stars. And our Hi-Seniors are headed over to Pine Forest Camp for our annual CTT vs. PFC girls basketball game! It’ll be a “red out” with Timber Tops girls in all red, showing camp spirit to the max. It’s a highlight of every summer, and we have a good feeling about our odds! But at Timber Tops it’s never if we win or lose but how we play that counts. And how we cheer, of course!

And how could we forget?! This morning was the first of three, second-session Polar Bear Club days! Anyone who wasn’t here first session (or anyone who was and didn’t participate then) is invited to join the POLAR BEARS CLUB! Participants are woken up at dawn, quietly walk down to Lake Selma, jump into the lake, sing three songs, and run back up to the dining hall for hot chocolate all before the rest of camp rises. If you do this three days in a row, you are an official Camp Timber Tops Polar Bear! And you get a t-shirt to prove it! Timber Tops girls are spirited and tough and awesome!

Whoever said that Sundays are lazy days surely never spent a Sunday at Camp Timber Tops! Tune in tomorrow, friends and followers! Oh! Have you checked out our week 5 video? Make sure you do! It’s up on our Facebook page and in CampMinder! We hope you like it as much as we do.


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