What a day.

Thanks so much to our wonderful Timber Tops families for making it another fabulous visiting day. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the best thing about Timber Tops is the people, YOU. We’ve heard horror stories of totally crazy, anxiety-provoking, stress-filled visiting days, and we feel like ours is the opposite: it’s kind, it’s low key, it’s awesome; it’s because of you! Thank you, thank you.

We loved showing you camp in action today, from the lake to the pool to the s’mores at outdoor rec. We even loved showing you what camp rain looks like this summer. (Just kidding! We were hoping you wouldn’t have to experience it! What a bummer!) It’s our hope that everyone left feeling good about camp and about each other. Thank you for choosing Timber Tops and for being a part of our camp family.

And now, Visiting Day is over, and it’s TIMBERWEEN tonight! Think Halloween but, well, at camp, and in July! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow.

Love from down the winding road!


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