An Update from Junior Village at CTT!

J-U-N-I-O-R-S! Juniors, juniors, we’re the best!

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Hello from Junior Village, the home of the 2nd-6th graders at camp! Juniors have been very busy trying all of the activities that camp has to offer. Have you seen our Arts & Crafts projects? Every junior goes through a rotation, completing a clay pot, silk screening project, basket weaving, and shrinky dinks. Finished with your project early? Juniors love lanyard! How about athletics? Juniors go to basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, and fitness with their bunks, and during junior choice many juniors go to ga-ga, zumba, or even junior jogging! We’ve been playing with and against other camps too! Juniors are very busy in the water, visiting the pool for both instructional and general swim, and we all LOVE the lake! You can find us there learning all kinds of small craft skills, having a surfboard balancing contest, searching for salamanders, or canoeing around Lake Selma! We also love going creek-stomping in Mitchell’s creek with outdoor rec. Can you believe that over two-thirds of the juniors signed up to go on an optional overnight camp-out?! That’s right, junior ladies pitched tents, cooked their own food over a fire, and camped out for the night. Many juniors participated in the inter-camp dance competition, many took part in last night’s Cabaret talent show, and many are excited to perform in the upcoming production of FROZEN. Juniors are so well-rounded!

When we’re not busy at our activities, you can find us hanging in our bunks, doing madlibs, playing cards, making friendship bracelets, visiting our big/little sisters, painting nails Timber Tops Red (a color left by the Tooth Fairy), and even making rock families. Yes, you heard right! Ask your Junior about it for more info! We’ve also been having a blast at our evening activities, rocking out at the Jr. Lip Sync and at Name That Tune. Did you see our silly costumes from Panic?! We learned all sorts of crazy camp trivia at Ridiculous Relay. Have you heard about our dining hall challenges? Yes, those were the juniors coming to lunch with socks on their hands, bathing suits over their clothes, and underwear on their heads. Why? Well, why not?!

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting OLYMPIC BREAKOUT! When will it be? What will happen for breakout? What teams will compete!? We are so excited we can hardly stand it.

Juniors love camp!



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