By Abby Beckmen, Bunk Sassafras
This morning for Pioneer Days fake-out we were woken up by a car honking, making panic sounds, and playing loud music. After we were woken up by all of those horrific sounds, we slowly walked up to the Timber Dome to see what all the noise was for. We thought it was Pioneer Days breaking out. The theme was Timber Tops Superbowl. Anna Black was the referee. She was wearing a striped black and white shirt. She announced the teams, which were the Green Philadelphia Eagles, the red New York Giants, the blue Dallas Cowboys, and the yellow Pittsburgh Steelers. They hung the signs up but when it was the Pittsburgh Steelers’ turn, they turned it over and it said FAKE OUT!

By Carlie Romano, Bunk Sassafras
Yesterday on the first of August was the worst fake-out of all time. Now you might think a fake-out is when something is not real, but a fake-out is when Pioneer Days is called off. Today on the second of August at 7:45 AM was another fake-out. The fake-out yesterday was natural disasters. Today’s theme was the Superbowl. I’m a huge Giants fan! Thanks for reading my blog.

By Mia Barrett, Bunk Poplar
There were two fake-outs. One was yesterday morning and one was this morning. There was a thunderstorm and it was close and it was last night. I thought Pioneer Days was this morning but it was fake-out. The fake theme was the Superbowl. It was early in the morning and I was so tired and sleepy and the whole camp came and walked up. I was so excited to hear Pioneer Days was coming and so was the whole camp.

By Grace Barnett, Bunk Oak
I was so excited to hear the noises of Pioneer Days when I woke up, but I realized it was a fake-out! When I got back to the bunk, my counselor asked me what it was, and I said it was a FAKE OUT!

By Allie Richter, Bunk Oak
When I heard the noise, I was so excited. I put on my shoes and walked to the Timber Dome. When I got there, I had a feeling it was fake-out; then they put up a poster that said fake out! I was sad because I wanted it to be a real break out. We walked back to the bunk, and I was sad. Then we ate breakfast and I forgot about it.

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