Junior Activities 2

By Kayla Friedman, Bunk Hickory
My favorite thing to do at camp is Olympics. Every year we do races. Sometimes they’re different; sometimes they’re the same. There are always four teams and this year the four were based on ancient cities. The teams were Red Cappadocia Turkey, Blue Tenochtitlan Mexico, Green Pompeii Italy, and Yellow Alexandria Egypt. First place was Blue Tenochtitlan Mexico! Second place was Yellow Alexandria Egypt. Third place was Green Pompeii, and fourth place was the red team. I was on the red team. Even though we didn’t get first place, I still got fourth and we tried our hardest and we participated and my parents say that’s all that matters. As long as you tried you did a good job.

By Grace Feeley, Bunk Sassafras
I love dance. It’s full of cool moves you can show at a dance competition. It’s a great workout and it’s really fun. Emma (the camp dance teacher) is really fun and puts a lot of work into dance. Many people and cultures dance. You can express yourself in dance. If you feel happy or sad, your dance can show that. In many ways dance is a form of beauty and art. There is a lot of different types of dance. There is modern, classical, hip hop, crew, ballet, jazz, and many more. Dance is really fun. You should really try it.

By Rachel Molostky, Bunk Baobab
Zumba is so much fun. Especially at camp! I felt refreshed after I first did it. It’s a great workout, it’s fun, but it’s working out in dance form. Like in one of them about 70% of the camp knows. Every time it comes on for junior choice, my best friend Lia and I always go! Everyone should try it. I love it!

By Cameron Perri, Bunk Baobab
Yoga is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I usually do yoga in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day and wake up. Yoga will really stretch and tighten your muscles. I love that during the class, relaxing music will be played. Also there are chakras. Chakras are when you are given a description of different settings that will relax you, and try to feel as if you are in that setting. For example, if the yoga teacher says that you’re on warm sand at the beach, you feel as if you’re really laying in the sand. In a way, chakras seem as if they drain your energy, while they actually replenish your energy. I really love that at the end of the class, the yoga teacher will release tension from different points in your body. Yoga is so much fun!

By Rachel Molotsky, Bunk Baobab
I love to hang out with my family and friends. I especially love to hang out with my BFFs: Morgan (Momo) and Emma. I love my family! Even though my brothers tick me off sometimes, I still love them. When my friends and I hang out at my house, we play on the trampoline. I love you, Mom, Dad, Aaron, Matt, and Marky!

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