Junior A/V

By Sarah McGrath, Bunk Baobab

Right before camp my friends and I went to see the movie Monte Carlo together. It’s about these three girls who travel to Paris together to have a vacation. But while they are on vacation, one of them gets mistaken as a famous celebrity and their dream vacation turns into a struggle to keep up with the famous and busy life of Cordelia. They have to hope that somehow they won’t be caught. Selena Gomez, Leighton Meister and Cory Monteith all star in this movie. Monte Carlo is a great movie because it keeps you wondering if they will be caught or not. I think that everyone at CTT should see Monte Carlo!!!

By Rachel Molotsky, Bunk Baobab

My favorite TV show I think is Glee! Some parents think it’s too inappropriate for some kids. I do too, but I watch it anyway. I think it’s so funny and so musical, I love that part of it. On every Tuesday last year we (a.k.a. my mom, my dad (if he’s home), my brother, and I) would all get popcorn, blankets, etc. We watch it and hysterically laugh at most parts. Okay, Glee is about these teenagers trying to solve all there high school problems with music. Well I think Rachel Berry gets too much of a hold of herself, and she is and she even thinks shes the best at everything she does. I also think Glee is so amazing that everyone should all watch it… But not younger kids. I think it’s the best because of the music and talent everybody has at one point or another. I like how the teens in New Directions are awesome because of what happens in a not so normal, hysterical roller coaster ride of high school! Glee is for everyone interested in all musical things. Watch GLEE!!!

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