Junior Books, Part 2

By Abby Beckmen, Bunk Sassafras

My favorite book is The Great Wall of Lucy Wu. This was my favorite book because two people didn’t like each other at first but they did nice things to help each other which, improved their friendship. This book is about a girl named Lucy Wu and another person in her family from China named Yi Po. When Yi Po comes Lucy doesn’t want to share a room with Yi Po because she was so excited that her sister left from college and thought she would have it to herself. What Lucy does to make her be by herself with Yi Po in her room is split the room in half by using bookcases and her desk. Then Lucy and Yi Po start doing nice things for each other. An example is for Halloween Yi Po makes dumplings and everyone at the party loves them. Therefore the book was great!

By Rebecca Redlich, Bunk Sassafras

My favorite book is The Mysterious Benedict Society series. it is about these four kids named Sticky, Constance, Kate, Renie who go on a journey to stop the bad guy but there are a lot of fun and dangerous obstacles they have to go through on the way, in order to save or stop the bad guy. they all have different and special qualities that help them along the way. I like the books because they are very detailed and it makes you want to read more and more because it is so good. Plus everything fits together in the end perfectly. you never have any questions at the end of the book because they are all answered. It is the best book ever!

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