Junior Outing!

By Hayley Goddard, Bunk Banyan
Yesterday all of the juniors went to Costas Family Fun Park, and we all had a blast. There were water bumper cars. You went around a little pond of water with nine other cars and spun around bumping into each other and getting soaked with squirt guns. There was also a go-kart track. I placed fifth on it last year. This year I chose to do the bumper cars instead. My favorite thing there was the four water slides: one green (the easy one), one yellow (the harder one), and two blue (the super fast, almost-feels-like-you’re-going-through-a-wormhole one). I went on the blue ones four times. There were so many other things to do, like mini-golf, an arcade, laser tag (but we couldn’t do that), and most of all… ICE CREAM! I liked it so much that I’m wishing there was one near me!

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