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By Amanda Saunders, Bunk Sassafras
I love the TV show Pretty Little Liars. It is my favorite TV show because it always leaves you with a lot of suspense. The show is about the five best friends, Aria, Hannah, Spencer, Emily, and Alison. They were all brought together by Alison, One day Alison goes missing, but a year later the police found Alison’s body. The show is about how they deal with Alison’s death and the problems that occur because of it. There is a mystery person also named A who knows all their secrets. The girls are scared of A and that causes more problems. Pretty Little Liars is a really good show.

By Izzy Lavine, Bunk Sassafras
I love the TV show American Idol. It’s about millions of people trying to sing. People vote until one person wins. I like it because it’s cool to see different people sing instead of hearing the same pop stars over and over again. You should watch American Idol!

By Carly Haberfield, Bunk Sassafras
My favorite TV show is Cake Boss on the Food Network. On the show Buddy and his other chefs make awesome cakes for special occasions. The coolest cake they made (in my opinion) was the Statue of Liberty cake. It was very colorful and Lady Liberty looked so real! In one episode of Cake Boss my friend’s cousins got a cake made for their Bar Mitzvah. Their cake was the hockey table! It was awesome to see my friend on TV!

By Sami Haberfield, Bunk Sassafras
My favorite TV show is America’s Funniest Home Videos. I love this show, because it has really funny videos and stuff that actually happens. The videos are so much fun to watch in slow motion and every other way you can think of! I love this show!

By Camryn Perri, Bunk Baobab
Pretty Little Liars is a suspenseful series on ABC Family. Once you watch one episode, you will be addicted. The show formed when five best friends, Alison, Spencer, Hannah, Aria, and Emily were partying. After they woke up, only four girls were there–Alison went missing in the night. Months later Alison’s body was found. The scary part is that Spencer, Hannah, Aria, and Emily have been receiving text messages from someone anonymous who refers to himself as A. A is what Alison used to be called. A will either guide the girls into trouble or away. Throughout the shows, A sends the girls hints, such as videos, supposedly to help the girls find Alison’s murderer. The clues lead to a character named Ian, who is Spencer’s sister’s husband. But when A kills Ian after he tries to kill Spencer, everything changes. The girls end up finding out that Ian’s not really dead. It was just staged. So now no one knows whose side A is on. If you want to know more, you’ll just have watch.

By Jenna Shatzman, Bunk Sassafras
My favorite TV show is Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. The show isn’t on anymore, but I still love it! I have watched it since I was about 6. Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart who secretly is a famous pop star, Hannah Montana. Her two best friends, Lily and Oliver, who are played by Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso know Miley’s secret but don’t tell anyone. This way Miley lives a normal teenage life while Hannah is on stage performing almost every night. I wish the show was still on!

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