By Ellie Sutker, Bunk Mimosa
Theme: Underground Cities
Teams: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red
Breakout: Cabaret
Names of Teams: Italy (green), Tenochtitlan, Mexico (blue), Alexandria, Egypt (yellow), Cappadocia, Turkey (red)

By Sara McWilliams, Bunk Pine
They led us to the upper courts where there were very ancient decorations and costumes.
Captains: Sabrina, Rachel, and Emily (green), Lia, Skylar, and V (blue), Molly, Jesse, and Rachel (yellow), and Lauren, Julia, and Jenna (red)

By Hope Rosenblatt, Bunk Banyan
The night of breakout was cabaret. I predicted it was going to be either a breakout or a fakeout. Everyone knew what was going to happen as soon as Missy said, “There’s one more act.” Head staff came with torches and led us up Lily Lane to the tennis courts where we found out the theme was underground cities. Blue team was the city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico). They built their city on water. Yellow was Alexandria. Red was Cappadocia. Green was Pompeii.

By Lanie Chipkin and Laura Goldin, Bunk Banyan
As Missy said, “I think we have one more act,” an exciting rush traveled through my body. I knew Olympics was going to break out. Everyone was screaming and jumping around! We all turned around and saw four people holding torches which represented the four Olympic teams. The four people led us up Lily Lane to the upper tennis courts. A head staff member explained to us the themes. Green was Pompeii, Italy; yellow was Alexandria, Egypt; blue was Tenochtitlan, Mexico; red was Cappadocia, Turkey. The theme was underground ancient cities. When the breakout was finished, everyone ran back to their bunks to see what team they were going to be on for the two fun days of Olympics. There were tons of races around camp and all of them were tons of fun! If anybody got in first, or last, the Olympics breakout for 2011 was an unforgettable one.

By Anna Yarosh, Bunk Banyan
The night of Cabaret was also the night of breakout! Lots of people thought that Olympics would break out during Cabaret, and it did! The theme was underground cities. There was Tenochtitlan, Mexico-blue; Pompeii, Italy-green; Alexandria, Egypt-yellow; Cappadocia, Turkey-red. Each team had a sixth grade captain, a CA captain, and counselor captain. Blue’s sixth grade captain was Leah, the CA captain was Skylar, and the counselor captain was V Garza. Green’s sixth grade captain was Sabrina Deabru, the CA captain was Rachel, and the counselor captain was Emily. Every team made a lip sync, a banner, a cheer, and a song. I loved all the activities, countries, and everything about Olympics! It was awesome!

By Lauren Greenberg, Bunk Banyan
Breakout was awesome. Some of head staff came from the parking lot with torches right after cabaret. We went up to the tennis courts and there was a platform with everyone on it. The teams were blue Mexico, yellow Egypt, red Turkey, and green Italy. The theme of everything was underground cities. Blue came in first place again, yellow came in second, green came in third, and red came in last. Olympics was so fun but now I’m sad that it’s over!

By Maya Shabtai, Bunk Banyan
We were at cabaret and we were thinking it was over. Then Missy said “Just one more act. Hang on.” So then, we all turned our eyes over to the four women holding torches. Everyone started following as they led us to the tennis courts. Next, we saw four huge banners. The theme was lost cities! The four lost cities were Tenochtitlan, Mexico-blue; Alexandria, Egypt-yellow; Pompeii, Italy-green; and Cappadocia, Turkey-red. It was so cool. After that, a lady read a little bit about each city and then announced all of the captains. It was a little scary but really awesome. After all of the excitement, we headed back to our bunks, as we found the ancient paper listing our teams. I found my name under Cappadocia, Turkey-red. My sixth grade captain was Lauren Kuzic. My CA captain was Julia Brown, and my counselor captain was Jenna Specktor. They were really great! Olympics was really fun!

By Sabrina Deabru, Bunk Banyan
It was dark… it was cabaret, and there was “one more act.” You could see lights from a distance. As the shining lights got closer, people stood up and ran to the side of the gravel path. Everyone was now following the lights up Lily Lane…trying to catch their breaths. We were brought up to the tennis courts. People screamed while they sat. The lights were no longer just lights. They were magical flames sitting upon a pile of wood (torch). They set off fireworks. It was majestic. Even though they were just fireworks that you could see every year, it was different. They announced captains of the teams. Pompeii-green, Alexandria-yellow, Tenochtitlan-blue, Cappadocia-red. That night as girls all over Camp Timber Tops went to bed, their fingers were tingling with excitement. Breakout was over and it was now Olympics!

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