Warm Fuzzy Campfire!

Tonight, back down the winding road as one camp, we have a very special evening program on the shores of Lake Selma. 

Every summer at Camp Timber Tops, campers and counselors look forward to the Warm Fuzzy Campfire. Now, generations of Timber Tops girls have been gifted warm fuzzies. Some alumni carry them in their wallets, some post them on bulletin boards above their desks, some keep them tucked away in a nightstand. For all, the song stays close to our hearts “I will give you a warm and gentle fuzzy, ’cause I love you as you are! If you want a warm and gentle fuzzy, open up your heart.”

Here’s the story below, acted out by our fabulous head staff each summer. Read it! Talk about it with your camper when she gets home! Odds are it’ll remain a highlight of her summer. 


Many years ago in a beautiful Rocky Mountain Valley isolated almost totally from the outside world, was the exciting little village of Swabeedoo. The people of the village called themselves Swabeedoo-dahas. These people went about their land always with broad smiles and cheery greetings from everybody. One of the happiest of these Swabeedoo-dahas was the family of Jim Golly-Wog. This family of Jim, his wife Molly, his son Gary and daughter Becky, lived their lives without ever uttering a cruel word or having a hateful thought about each other or anyone in Swabeedoo. One of the things the Swabeedoo-dahas liked best was to give Warm Fuzzies to one another. Each of these little people carried over his shoulder a bag, and the bag was filled with Warm Fuzzies. Whenever two Swabeedoo-dahas would meet, each would give the other a Warm Fuzzy.

Now, it is an especially nice thing to give someone a Warm Fuzzy. It tells the person that they are special. It is a way of saying, “I like you.” And, of course, it is very pleasing to have someone give you a Warm Fuzzy. When you have a warm fuzzy held out to you, when you take it and feel its warmth and fuzziness against your cheek, and place it gently and lovingly in your fuzzy-bag with all the others, it’s just extra nice. You feel noticed and appreciated when someone gives you a Warm Fuzzy, and you want to do something nice for them in return. The people of Swabeedoo loved to give Warm Fuzzies and get Warm Fuzzies, and their lives together were very happy indeed.

Outside the village, in a cold, dark cave, there lived a great green troll. He didn’t really like to live all by himself, and sometimes he was lonely, but he couldn’t seem to get along with anyone else, and somehow he didn’t enjoy exchanging warm fuzzies. He thought it was a lot of nonsense. “It isn’t cool,” was what he would say. He thought “Someday when I get the chance, I’ll get them all to be like me.”

One fine summer day the entire town of Swabeedoo was enjoying their annual town picnic in the beautiful little park at the edge of the village. Jim decided that it was a perfect day to take a walk throughout the beautiful forest that surrounded the park.As he was walking, he saw the troll trying to hide behind a large tree.

“Hasn’t this been a fine Swabeedoo-dahas day?” said Jim with a smile. “Here, have a Warm Fuzzie. This one’s special, and I saved it just for you, for I don’t see you in town that often. ”

The troll looked about to see that no one else was listening, Then he put an arm around the little Swabeedoo-dahas and whispered in his ear.

“Hey, don’t you know that if you give away all your Warm Fuzzies, one of these Sawbeedoo-dahas days of your, you’re going to run out of them?”

He noted the sudden look of surprise and fear on Jim’s face, and then added, peering inside his fuzzy bag, “Right now I’d say you’ve only got about two hundred and seventeen Warm Fuzzies left in there. Better go easy on handin’ ‘em out.”

With that, the troll padded away on his big green feet, leaving a very confused and unhappy Swabeedoo-dah standing there.

Now, the troll knew that every one of the people had an inexhaustible supply of Warm Fuzzies. He knew that as soon as you give a Warm Fuzzy to someone, another comes to take its place, and that you can never run out of Warm Fuzzies in your whole life. But he counted on the trusting nature of the little Swabeedoo-daha and on something else that he knew about himself. He just wanted to see if this same something was inside the people. So he told his fib, went back to his cave and waited.

Jim wondered back to the picnic, but he really didn’t enjoy the day like the rest of the Swabeedoo-daha.

The next morning, as Jim came down to breakfast, Molly noticed that he didn’t kiss her like he usually did, nor did they exchange Warm Fuzzies. She knew that something was wrong. “We must save our Warm Fuzzies or we will run out and then our lives will be miserable”, said Jim, and immediately Molly thought “Run out? That can’t happen!” And together they securely closed their bags of Warm Fuzzies.

When Gary and Becky came down to breakfast, they were told to tie their bag of Warm Fuzzies and not give any more away. Gary and Becky both cried out “Why? We love to give Warm Fuzzies.” “Just shush” said Jim “and do as you are told.” The children had never heard their father talk this way before. “We must save our Fuzzies or we will run out.” Jim told them. “Now go to school.” So the children left the house very sad, but knowing they had to save their Fuzzies.

Well, it didn’t take long. The first person to come along and greet Jim on his way to work was a fine friend of his, with whom he had exchanged many Warm Fuzzies before. This person was surprised to find that when he gave his friend a Warm Fuzzy this time, he received only a strange look. Then he was told to beware of running low on his supply of Warm Fuzzies, and his friend was suddenly gone. The Swabeedoo-daha told three others that same evening: “I’m sorry, but no Warm Fuzzies for you. I’ve got to make sure that I don’t run out.” The children that day at school, and play, also did not share their Warm Fuzzies with their playmates. They too were afraid they would run out.

By the next day the word had spread over the entire village. Everyone had suddenly begun to hoard their Warm Fuzzies. They still gave some away, but very, very carefully. “Discriminatingly,” they said.

The Swabeedoo-dah began to watch each other with distrust, and to hide their bags of Warm Fuzzies under their beds for protection at night. Quarrels broke out over who had the most Warm Fuzzies, and pretty soon people began to trade Warm Fuzzies for things, instead of just giving them away. Figuring there were only so many Warm Fuzzies to go around, the mayor of Swabeedoo proclaimed he Fuzzies a system of exchange, and before long, the people were haggling over how many Warm Fuzzies it cost to eat a meal at someone’s house, or stay overnight. There were even some instances of Warm Fuzzy robberies. Some dark evenings it wasn’t even safe to be out and about.Worst of all, something began to happen to the health of the people. Many of them began to complain of pains in their shoulders and backs, and as time went on, more and more Swabeedoo-dah became afflicted with a disease known as softening of the backbone. They walked hunched over or (in the worst cases) bent almost to the ground. Their fuzzy bags dragged on the ground. Many people in the town began to say it was the weight of the bags that caused the disease, and that it was better to leave the bags at home, locked up safely. After awhile, you could hardly find a Swabeedoo-dah with his fuzzy bag on.

At first the troll was pleased with the results of his rumor. He had wanted to see whether the people would feel and act as he did sometimes when he thought selfish thoughts, and so he felt successful with the way things were going. Now, when he went into town, he was no longer greeted with smiles and offerings of Warm Fuzzies. Instead, the people looked at him as they looked at each other – with suspicion – and he rather liked that. To him, that was just facing reality. “It’s the way the world is,” he would say.

But as time went on, worse things happened. Perhaps because of the softening of the backbone, perhaps no one ever gave them a Warm Fuzzy (no one knows), a few of the people died. Now, all the happiness was gone from the village of Swabeedoo, as it mourned the passing of its citizens.

When the troll heard about this, he said to himself, “Gosh! I just wanted them to see how the world was. I didn’t mean for them to die!” He wondered what to do. And, then he thought of a plan.

Deep in his cave, the troll had discovered a secret mine of Cold Pricklies. He had spent many years digging the Cold Pricklies our of the mountain, for he liked their cold prickly feel, and he loved to see his growing hoard of Cold Pricklies, to know that they were all his. He decided to share them with the Swabeedoo-dahs. He filled hundreds of bags with Cold Pricklies and took them into the village.

When the people saw the bags of Cold Pricklies, they were glad, and they received them gratefully. Now they had something to give one another. The only trouble was that it was just not as much fun to give a Cold Prickly as a Warm Fuzzy. Giving a Cold Prickly seemed to be a way of reaching out to another person, but not so much in friendship and love. And getting a Cold Prickly gave one a funny feeling, too. You were not just sure what the giver meant, for after all, Cold Pricklies were cold and prickly. It was nice to get something from another person, but it left you confused and often with stung fingers. The usual thing a Swabeedoo-dah said when he received a Warm Fuzzy was “WOW!” But when someone gave him a Cold Prickly there was usually nothing to say but “UGH!”

Some of the people went back to giving Warm Fuzzies, and, of course, each time a Warm Fuzzy was given it made the giver and the receiver very joyful indeed. Perhaps it was that it was so unusual to get a Warm Fuzzy from someone when there were so many Cold Pricklies being exchanged. Suspicion was still there in the minds of the people of Swabeedoo.

You could hear it in their comments: “Warm Fuzzy, eh? Wonder what’s behind it?”

“I never know if my Warm Fuzzies are really appreciated.”

“ I gave a Warm Fuzzy and got a Cold Prickly in return. Just see if I do that again!”

“You never know about Mabel. A Warm Fuzzy one minute, a Cold Prickly the next!”

“If you won’t give me a cold prickly, I won’t give you one. Okay?”

“I want to give my boy a Warm Fuzzy, but he just doesn’t deserve it.”

“Sometimes I wonder if Grandpa has a Warm Fuzzy to his name.”

Probably every citizen of Swabeedoo would gladly have returned to the former days when the giving and getting of Warm Fuzzies had been so common.Sometimes a person would think to himself how very fine it had felt to get a Warm Fuzzy from someone, and he would even consider going out to begin giving them to everyone as freely as of old.

But something always stopped him.

Then one bright sunshiny day, a stranger arrived in the town carrying her bag of Warm Fuzzies. The stranger, whose name was Lovey Generous began to greet the Swabeedoo-dahs and hand them Warm Fuzzies. She couldn’t understand why everyone looked at her in such a strange way and avoided even talking to her. As she passed the Gollywog home, Becky and Gary were playing in the yard.

She went over and gave them each a Warm Fuzzy and saw the excitement and joy in their eyes. And as she talked with them, they explained why they were not allowed to give Warm fuzzies. Lovey explained to the children that Warm Fuzzies meant friendship and happiness and they were wrong to hoard them.

That night after Jim and Molly had gone to bed, Gary and Becky went up to the attic and unlocked the big trunk that all of the familys’ Warm Fuzzies were kept in. They took out their bags and crept back to their bedrooms and went to sleep with many happy thoughts dancing in their heads.

The next day, the children went off to school carefully hiding their Warm Fuzzies. When in school, they told their friends the story of the stranger and began to notice how excited the children were. When Becky and Molly got home that night, their parents wondered why they seemed to be different. Finally Gary and Becky, bursting with happiness, told their parents what they had done.

Jim and Molly after listening to the children, knew the children were right. So they too went to the attic and got their bags of Warm Fuzzies. “Maybe,” Jim said, “if we start to give Warm Fuzzies again, others will too.” So the next day the whole Gollywog family passed out Fuzzies to everyone they met. Even the troll was glad the Warm Fuzzies returned, for he had finally realized that suspicion and hatred made everyone miserable, and when last seen he was standing in the town square happily giving Warm Fuzzies to everyone.

The Gollywog family and all the Swabeedoo-dahs still live happily in their beautiful Rocky Mountain home.

And now we would like to share with you that same feeling of happiness, friendship and caring. We have for you, your very own Warm Fuzzy. We give it knowing that you too will share your Warm Fuzzies with everyone you meet, and someday all the people of the world will know about and share Warm Fuzzies.

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Camp Records & Owegoland!

What a day! What a life!

It’s been another outstanding one here in Greeley! We’ve been working hard, packing in every ounce of special-event fun we can while the seniors have been away, galavanting around Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes, the Adirondacks and New England! As we write this, the 7th, 8th, 9th and CA trip are on their way back to Greeley, but we’ve been living in our Juniors-only world, and a GREAT junior world it’s been!

This morning, we enjoyed a late sleep followed by a morning of Timber Tops Guinness Book of Camp Records! Camp was open for all to explore and try to break records in activities ranging from fastest run up Lily Lane, fasted cheese wall in Adventure, longest hoola hoop run, most time holding up hugs of water, most tennis serves, longest time balancing a lacrosse stick, fastest 25 meter free-style, fastest recitation of the 50 states, and so much more! Juniors were AMAZING!

After a delightful cookout lunch, juniors rested, lathered on sunscreen and headed to Lake Owego for an afternoon of coed fun! We rented huge waterslides and pool inflatables, we served cotton candy and snow cones, we opened the lake and the pool and had THE BEST day together.

Tonight, it’s back to CTT for Name That Tune under cotton candy skies. Sure, trips sound fun, but we’ll get there someday. In the meantime, it’s been good to be a Junior!

Tune in tomorrow when we’re ALL back down the winding road (and better than ever)!

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What a day! We had a great day at Camp Timber Tops and Lake Owego Camp! That’s right, while the seniors are away, the juniors will PLAY! Today was SWITCH DAY! The boys came here in the morning to head to choice with our juniors and enjoy ALL THINGS CTT! They especially loved gymnastics and learning the camp dance. And this afternoon we went to LAKE OWEGO to join them in activities like the giant swing, mountain biking, fencing, fire building, and more! It was choice ALL DAY for EVERYONE! SO FUN!

A highlight for us was the coed CTT/LOC lunch in the dining hall. There was so much singing and cheering (okay and some yelling) as we fought for the title of most spirited camp! We had a lot to prove! In the end, we were all winners (and boy was it loud)!

Tonight after showers, Italian dinner, and canteen, we headed to junior village for PANIC! We’re sun kissed and glowing from a day of smiling widely all over Greeley. And there’s SO much more excitement to come tomorrow.

Okay, here’s the bad news. We’re experiencing technical difficulties uploading photos from today. We’ll hope to post them first thing tomorrow, and they’ll be worth the wait.

Goodnight from Greeley where Juniors RULE!

Pictured below “Panic Challenge: 2 things that rhyme!” These gals came as “Banana and Princess Diana!” Amazing!

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Happy Timber Tops Tuesday!

It’s Timber Tops Tuesday at CTT, but today’s Tuesday sure does look a little different. This morning, bright and early, our 9th, 10th and 11th graders headed out for their highly anticipated BIG TRIP! 9th graders are off on adventures to New England (including Boston and Portland, Maine!) and our CAs (10th and 11th graders) head to Niagara Falls! Our 7th and 8th graders travel down the winding road for their trip tomorrow morning with 8th graders headed to the Finger Lakes and 7th graders to the Adirondack Mountains! All trips will be back here at camp by late Thursday night, so for the next two days…JUNIORS WILL RULE! More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, it’s been another great and busy day! This morning was a beautiful one with trips out on Lake Wally and the Delaware Water Gap. Regular schedule had us keeping busy around CTT! And though by lunchtime the skies opened up (to rain and HAIL! Yowsa!), the rainy afternoon reprieve brought seniors time for lip sync practice and trip packing, and it brought juniors some bunko and jukebox! What a dream!

This evening, we headed to the dance pavilion for a drive-in movie and cookie bake! Tonight, some of our juniors will head out on an overnight, and the rest of us will head back to the bunk to get ready for tomorrow, a SUPER special day here at camp. Stay tuned for (drumroll please)…SWITCH DAY! Coming soon to a blog near you. You wont want to miss it.

Oh! If you haven’t checked out our junior lip syncs from last night, what are you waiting for!?

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Canoe Trips, a 5K, Junior Lip Sync and More!

It’s been a great and busy day here in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania! After a hard-earned, late-sleep morning and some delightful cinnamon buns with breakfast, we were off to a busy day of hiking, biking, shooting, scoring and so much more! We sent out two senior canoe trips today with Lindsey and Gina; we’re so proud of so many of both Junior and Senior campers who’ve learned to canoe on Lake Selma this summer and then have spread there wings on the mighty Delaware!

After a lunch of mac n’ cheese, tuna melts and tomato soup (YUM), we headed back to the bunk for rest, and though it drizzled a little, the sun came out by 4th period, and it was business as usual this afternoon. We pickle balled, we swam, we fished, and we ran our hearts out during general swim. You see, later this week, those interested will participate in the Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper at Pine Forest Camp, and we trained today at camp in our very own CTT 5k during general swim! We had so many campers participate!

And tonight, we gathered at the Timber Theater for an AWESOME Junior Lip Sync! Each and every bunk was outstanding, and we’ll be sure to post videos tomorrow, but congratulations to Bunk Baobab on winning first place!

Goodnight from the Timber Theater, folks! We’ll see you back here tomorrow for Timber Tops Tuesday! It doesn’t get better than this.

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It’s among the most anticipated days of the year at CTT… That’s right, it’s CATURDAY! Happy Caturday to all who celebrate!

Today at CTT was another great one. We welcomed 15 play day campers, all of whom are excited about the possibility of joining us at Timber Tops next year for the real thing! We love when we have play day campers, so thanks to all those who joined us today and to all those who will join us next Saturday, too!

Though camp was buzzing with all kinds of great happenings and instruction, we’ll leave you with a few hot topics around camp today:

  1. It’s junior overnight time! 6th graders camped out last night, and 2nd-5th graders get their chance tonight! We love a good, old-fashioned overnight at CTT!
  2. Kona Ice! It was the perfect day for an all-camp general swim pool party and a delicious Kona Ice food truck visit as a special treat to end this beautiful day!
  3. Tonight is the Jellybean Campfire! Everyone has a jellybean (camp buddy), and everyone is a jellybean (camp buddy)! We love making new, special friends at camp.

And tomorrow, while our second session campers head out for a day at the movies, our full season campers will experience VISITING DAY! It’s our first since 2019, so though we may all be rusty, we’re ready for the BEST day together down the winding road. Parents: remember not to get to camp too early (we don’t let anyone in the gate until it starts) and wear sneakers, sunscreen and bug spray. Hey, maybe even a bathing suit and a racquet! Who knows where the day might take you!

SEE YOU TOMORROW, FULL SEASON FAMILIES! We’re so excited we could burst. OH, but leave the cats and other pets at home, pretty please!

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TGIF! Greeley Games & More!

Fancy meeting you here, friends and neighbors! It’s been another great day down the winding road, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We haven’t had the chance to highlight it yet, but do you know that we’ve already held auditions for the second session play? We sure have! CAMP ROCK 2 will be performed live at the Timber Theater in August, and we’re so excited we could burst. We had over 90 people audition! It’s bound to be camp rockin’ indeed.

This morning, after an awesome night of Timber Madness, we put our athletic prowess to the test! Another round of Greeley Games were in full swing bright and early this morning with U11 softball, U11 basketball, U13 volleyball, and u13 softball at Pine Forest and U15 soccer and U15 volleyball here at CTT! We killed it!

Mountain biking looked extra awesome today as did Arts & Crafts. Would you believe that the 9th graders are full steam ahead planning and creating decor for the banquet? Though still almost three weeks away, our 9th graders pick a theme and totally transform the dining hall on the second to last night of camp. Though all of us love and look forward to banquet (seriously – it’s spectacular), the night is really a celebration of our CAs each year, and this year’s CAs really are extraordinary. Definitely best-ever-banquet worthy.

Other big news out of Greeley is tonight’s big social for 7th through 11th graders. The theme? Rock stars and rocks. Yup, you heard that right. Some folks are dressed as rock stars, some are in rock t-shirts, and some, well, are dressed as rocks… We told you things get wacky over here! We like to keep you on your toes at home, folks!

Tonight Juniors will hang out – in the trees that is! It’s ADVENTURE CHALLENGE, a CTT classic. Make sure to check out our second session bunk photo albums! You won’t want to miss these smiley camp faces.

That’s all for now, friends! Over and out from Greeley!

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Hey Friends and Followers!

It’s been another great day down the winding road! Our top cooks campers had an awesome cooking class, riders headed out to the ranch, campers repelled on the ropes course, ballers dribbled around fitness, and there were a whole lot of fish caught off of Rachel’s Dock! For our second session campers, it was the first day of regular programing, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no such thing as a regular CTT day, and today was no exception.

But the buzz was all about tonight as we prepped for our highly anticipated evening program, the third annual TIMBER MADNESS! A brainchild of our amazing athletic director, Mike, Timber Madness showcases all of our senior campers who play in a basketball tournament while the crowd goes wild! And there’s a canteen stand! And there’s a halftime show! And there are court side competitions! And there’s dancing and cheering and … You get the picture. Check out our Instagram page for some videos, but trust us when we say it’s one of the best nights of summer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s good to be a Timber Tops girl! Especially tonight (okay every night)!

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Second Session is ON!

They’re here! It’s happening! Second session is in full swing! We are SO excited to welcome and welcome back our CTT sisters. And it’s been a sunny, happy, beautiful day! We’re so excited to get this second session party started. 

The NY, PA, and MD bus arrived this morning by lunchtime, and cars filled with excited campers trickled in throughout the morning as well. This afternoon we headed down to the lake for a LAKE PARTY! And what a party it was. There was s’more making (yum), boating, swimming and ice breakers, of course. All made for an awesome afternoon of fun! And the pool was open and filled with inflatables for all! And there was a CA/counselor dodge ball match! And waterskiing on Lake Wally! And we enjoyed senior choice and get-to-know-you meetings! And Philly soft pretzels! We also made sure that all second-session campers had health and lice checks by the lice company! Phew! Another busy day.

Tonight, it was the staff show THE REMIX! We sang and we danced and we laughed the night away as one whole camp under the starry Greeley sky. The fun never stops at CTT. Tune in to tomorrow’s Timber Talk for more camp-tastic fun down the winding road!

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We were so sad to say goodbye to our half-season campers this morning that we had to get out and do something special: THE WATER PARK! And it was a perfect day for it! When it’s sunny and warm (and it sure was!), we spend this day at a water park (obviously eating ice cream treats, too), and though we like to keep things campy at CTT, this once-a-summer outing is always just what the doctor ordered. It recharges our batteries, lifts our spirits, distracts us a little and gets us even more excited for tomorrow: welcoming new campers!

But let’s back up for a minute. There are over 240 campers still here for the full summer, what’s now known as the “FULL SUMMER CLUB!” Campers came back to receive a specially made… TIMBER TOPS FANNY PACK from us! This Timber Tops swag is as good as it gets!

For evening program it was SOCK IT TO ME! A full-camp, active, full-season only, all-time favorite camp evening program! It’s legendary at camp.

We should mention that while our campers were out living the good life, our cleaning crew, maintenance, and support staff  cleaned and changed over camp to fully prepare for the second half of summer: starting NOW!

It’s all good under the Greeley sky! Second session campers: sleep well. Your summer is just getting started, and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. We are so ready for you!

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