6 Benefits (of MANY!) of Overnight Camp

Westchester Family Magazine’s summer guide just published an article entitled “6 Reasons to Try Camp This Summer.” Passed along to us by a camp parent, the article reminded her, and it reminds us, of the lasting impact of Camp Timber Tops. Enjoy our summary, and get ready for the best summer ever where your child will learn so much more than the backstroke (though she’ll learn that too)!

Campers connect with counselors in a different way than they connect with school teachers and other adult role models. Under the guidance and support of counselors, camp becomes a safe place to try new things and become more self-assured. Developing new skills of all kinds increases independence.

Social Skills
Our campers come from all over the world, so children learn how to live and play with people with very different backgrounds and perspectives, helping them to develop social skills that they will use throughout life. They also learn resilience as it’s ok to fail at camp – it’s all about trying new things.

A Break from Screens
Unplugging is everything at camp! Children need a break from feeling like their online followers are defining their worth. Campers develop face-to-face, peer-to-peer and cross-age relationships.

New Skills
At camp, you are encouraged to participate in things you love while also trying new things, probably things you’d never try at home! There’s no safer space to develop new skills and interests!

Individuality & Peer Acceptance
At camp you find out who you really are and, over time, become who you want to be. Each individual is integral to our camp community. At camp, we focus on valuing, accepting and celebrating one another.

Building Self-Confidence
Trying new things, developing new friendships, learning to be yourself breeds confidence, confidence that spills out into the real world long after summer.

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