Greetings from Camp Health Center!

We look forward to welcoming your children to camp in just a short time. On the first day of camp, as we have in the past several years, our camp nurses will do a health check of each and every camper. Included in that process is a head check for lice.

This summer, to improve the process, we have hired Lice Be Gone, professionals in the field who will do each camper’s head check. They provide this service for many camps and schools. If a camper has lice, Lice Be Gone can treat it directly or our nurses can treat it with a medicated shampoo. The strategy is to find and eliminate it promptly, even before campers settle into their cabins, where it could spread. Of course, if lice is detected we will be sure to call you immediately.

Going this direction will allow camp to be free of lice and to ensure that we all have a happy and healthy camp season. We are doing our part and ask that you proactively check your camper for lice before they head up to Greeley for a summer of fun!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out.

Healthy campers are happy campers!


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