Camp Friends

By Natalie Levy, Bunk Lemon
My camp friends are amazing. There are a lot of them. One’s name is Dina. I have known her for five years. There is Claire; Claire’s really nice and sweet. Lydia is sweet and funny. Samantha is quiet and sweet. Elle is funny and sweet. Rachel is nice and thoughtful. Teddy is funny and nice. Yoshi is really funny and nice. Shari is funny. We play a lot of card games together. Camp friends are really important to me because we will have them for a long time.We play and read magazines a lot. Sometimes friends fight, but we all get to be really close at the end of the summer.
We as eighth graders play games like Survivor which is a lot of fun. We also play teamwork games. My bunk is on the orange team. We have to work together to survive in these games.

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