Fake-out (Senior Edition)

By Lauren Chmara, Bunk Palm Court

This morning, August 2, my bunk woke to a strange awakening. It sounded like horns, loud groans, and screams. As my whole bunk sprinted out of the bunk and started to move with all of the other girls, we realized that it was for for pioneer days. As soon as we reached the timber dome, we saw boatloads of of girls just sitting on the ground watching the prosenter who was in a reforee costume. She introduced all of the different teams, which were the cowboys, eagles, giants, and the steelers. The most creative part was probably how they made signs. Then all of a sudden when they went to put up the last sign, they turned it over and it read fakeout!!!! In end of this very special morning as we got back in bed, our counsler said,”GET OUT OF BED AND CLEAN!!!!”

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