By Natalie Levy and Shari Wigrizer, Bunk Lemon and Jenna Pavucek, Bunk Palm Court
Besides activities, the most fun thing about camp is friends! Friends are very fun to be around. You are never bored with them. You don’t have to be friends with the people in your bunk; you can be friends with people in other bunks. You’ll be on your knees laughing your butt off. People in your bunk are really nice. They act like your sisters. You spend a lot of time with your bunk mates. Camp is about making great friends. You can act like yourself around them. You get really close with the people in your bunk. Friends are important because they will go with you everywhere (even at home). Friends are also important because they will always be in your heart. In camp you make friends everywhere. Camp is where you make the best friends. People are really friendly in camp. If you ever read this and have never been to CTT, then I suggest you go to CTT and make tons of friends! Go CTT!

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