Olympics: Breakout

By Daliah Bernstein, Bunk Mango
Olympics breakout is the start of Olympics. CAs plan the breakout. This year’s breakout was people holding up torches leading us up Lily Lane to the tennis court. Up on the tennis court there were a lot of decorations. In each corner there were people in red, yellow, green, and blue. Everyone started to scream and shout. Then Judy started talking about each team. Blue team was Tenochtitlan, Mexico. Red team was Cappadocia, Turkey, yellow was Alexandria, Egypt, and green was Pompeii, Italy. After Judy explained about the teams, she announced the captains. After that there were fireworks. Instead of Judy telling us who was on the team, she told us that there was an ancient scroll that showed us who was on the team for each bunk. I was sprinting to my bunk to find out. Then I realized I was on the BLUE TEAM! Sometimes breakout is fun and suspenseful, and others it is fun and okay. This year breakout was fun and suspenseful! Olympics 2011!

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