By Shari Wigrizer, Bunk Lemon and Jenna Pavucek, Bunk Palm Court
In Olympics we have breakout, they usually have cool ideas, like underground civilizations! We have four teams, blue, green, red, and yellow. Each team has its own song! We do activities…fun ones, such as the Wibit challenge and the ring hunt, and lots of water challenges! There were so many people doing the activities! Every team has to cheer no matter what! Olympics goes on for two whole days! We each have our own cheers and banners! At the end of the day we have events! Sometimes we have silent dinner.The head staff does very tricky things to us then! We compete against the other teams in competition. When it comes to canteen we can only say three words; for example: Milkyway and Coke! This is what we did during Olympics! Olympics is awesome!

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