Pioneer Days

By Alexa Romano, Bunk Palm Court

Pioneer Days started with breakout. Breakout was on Thursday. It was awesome. We were put on teams, the red clowns, blue daredevils, green sideshow, and yellow acrobats. The first day was relay races at the upper fields and the lake. The second day we had adventure challenge and the swim meet. On the second day our whole bunk was covered with silly string. The third day was eating day. They had pie eating and seed spitting and lemon sucking. Later that night they announced the winners. First place red, second was yellow, third was blue and last was green. And that was Pioneer Day at CTT.

By Jamie Nanus, Bunk Palm Court

It all started after Miss CTT. The golf cart led us to our CTT circus. That night we divided into four teams: red clowns, blue daredevils, green sideshow, and yellow acrobats. I was with the green sideshow. The first day was lake activities and obstacle courses and races. There was the egg and spoon, sack race, and suitcase relay. The second day was adventure challenge and the swim meet. That night was quartet, clowning around, dance, and cheer. The third day we did pie eating, watermelon eating, butter churning, seed spitting, meal, and campsite. But that evening was tall tales, totem pole, song, and banner. All around scores: 4th green, 3rd blue, 2nd yellow, and 1st red!

By Lauren Chmara, Bunk Palm Court

It all started during breakout, when we were called out to the Timber Dome. Fireworks broke out, and we all sat on the bleachers. We waited and waited til it all started. During breakout we learned the teams which were the yellow acrobats, green sideshow, red clowns, and blue daredevils. They showed us their talents during breakout. The first day was full of excitement. There were lots of lake activities and relay races. The second day was full of pool activities and such. Then finally the last day was a fistful of food. That is what Pioneer Days were like in the summer of 2011!

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