Seventh Grade Trip

By Emily Derby, Bunk Mandarin

For the Seventh Grade trip, We went to New York. It was a fun bus ride and it was only 5 hours. First, We went to Six Flags, The Great Escape. It was a great amusement park. I went on a lot of thrilling roller coasters! We also ate a good lunch at Six Flags. After that, we went shopping for a little while, and then went on a dinner cruise on Lake George. It was a very peaceful boat ride with fun dancing and music inside. The dinner was also great. We slept at the University of Albany, and then explored Howe Caverns in the morning. We went 165 feet underground and the caverns were really cool! We ate sandwiches for lunch after the caverns, and went to Cooperstown. At Cooperstown, we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. After visiting the hall of fame, we went shopping. I got some cool souvenirs. We then ate dinner at a restaurant and left for camp at 5:45. We arrived at camp around 9:30. We were all exhausted when we arrived because it was a great trip and we did many exciting things! I can’t wait to go on the 8th grade trip to Newport.

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