The Kid-appropriate Arnold Palmer

By Junko Cohn, Bunk Palm Court and Daliah Bernstein, Bunk Mango
When you get thirsty, you usually reach for water. But not this time! This time you will reach for two completely different drinks: iced tea and lemonade! Once these drinks are combined, you will enter a whole new world. Now, who is the genius behind all this? It’s the one and only Arnold Palmer! Give him a hand, folks! To make an Arnold Palmer:
-regular iced tea
-put 5-6 cubes of ice in a cup (more for bigger cups)
-fill half the cup with iced tea
-fill the rest of the cup with lemonade
-stir the contents of the cup
-enjoy while thinking about Arnold Palmer and how he changed our world!
And now, some improvised poetry:
Make some today!
Or you will eat hay!
And will have to pay
To sit by the bay!
And neigh
In the middle of May
While molding day

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