TV Boredom Solved!

By Molly Barnett and Junko Cohn, Bunk Palm Court
Ever bored with watching the same TV shows over and over again? Do your kids ever get bored with the same old shows like Hannah Montana or Phineas and Ferb? Well, wipe away your boredom and try some new TV shows!
“You get the best of both worlds,” your daughter screams for the fourth time in the past five minutes. Then you think, when is that show over? You decide your daughter needs a new TV show. Well, we’ve got a variety of shows to fit all ages and genders. For example, Spongebob: a cartoon show on Nickelodeon that is funny and appropriate for kids ages 5 and up. Zeke and Luther is a TV show on Disney XD about two boys who love to skateboard. Another show that will make you laugh your knickers off is The Suite Life on Deck! It is about a few high schoolers who live on a cruise ship and go to school there! The last show is Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network! It is a show about a detective group with a talking dog who will outsmart any villain. Now for some adult TV shows.
Looking for a laugh? Try Saturday Night Live on NBC! It is a comedic show that will have you rolling on the floor! The Office on Comedy Central is another hilarious TV show! Another one on Comedy Central is Parks and Recreation. It is about a town that is trying to help their parks! Now that we have given suggestions for adults and kids, you may think we’re finished, but we’re not!
I think we can all say that we love gossip. Real Housewives is a TV show on Bravo filled with drama and excitement. Another show filled with singing and drama is The Glee Project on Oxygen. They are competing to get a role on Glee. The Biggest Loser is an extreme weight loss competition on NBC. The last show, which is on Fox, is American Idol, an intense singing competition. We hope that this article helps you overcome your TV boredom!

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