Typical and Not-so-Typical Days

By Alexa Romano, Bunk Palm Court

A regular day at Timber Tops is going to first period, then second, and so forth, but today we had a “fake-out.” A fake-out is when the staff dresses up in the colors that are used for Olympics. The colors are red, green, blue, and yellow. Head staff comes out and pretends that TT Olympics are starting. When the fake-out is almost over (when they are announcing the last team, they normally scream “FAKE-OUT!”) Normally the CAs know if it’s a fake-out or not, so today we thought it was real. But for the rest of the day I have clay at third period. After that all the seniors have recall, then lunch, and then rest. After rest fourth and fifth period come, and then we have general swim, but tonight for our evening activity we have a social. Socials are when we meet up with the Owego boys. And that’s a typical day at Timber Tops.

By Jamie Nanus, Bunk Palm Court

Here is a day at Timber Tops. You wake up at 6:45 AM. Today we woke up a little earlier because we had something called a fake-out, which is where head staff and CAs pretend that Pioneer Days is breaking out. But they put signs up at one point saying fake out! But I predict that it will break out soon. Anyway, after that we cleaned for inspection. The ratings are–lowest to highest–low white, white, high white, low red, red, high red, low blue, blue, high blue, and gold. Today we got a white. But tomorrow we will do better! Then we had breakfast. We had French toast…it was good! Then we go to first period. I had mosaics. Second period I have blogging–which I am doing right now. Afterwards I have clay. Fourth period I have lake, and then jewelry. Afterwards we have general swim and then showers. But today seniors don’t go to general because we have a social with Owego! That is a regular day at Camp Timber Tops!

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