Yoga: A Camp Activity

By Julia Margalit, Bunk Sycamore
There are many camp activities that I enjoy, but one activity that really stands out is yoga. We get to choose five activities we want per day and the past two schedules I have really enjoyed yoga! In yoga we do sets of poses, such as downward dog, sun salutations, and child’s pose. At first, some of these poses can be quite difficult but after a few classes or so you will find that you can do them. Another pose is tree pose. Tree pose involves having good balance. Child’s pose is a comfort pose. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a pose you go to child’s pose.
At the end of yoga, we do meditation. We do these things called chakras. Chakras are colors that can make certain thoughts occur. You also find balance in the mind. It is very relaxing. The yoga instructor tells you a “story” involving certain colors. The story is supposed to relax you. When I hear the story, my thoughts go away and I feel very calm. Yoga is a very popular activity.

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