What Camp Timber Tops Means…

Here are just a few messages we’ve been sent about the magic of Camp Timber Tops. Parents, friends, counselors, alumni, campers (when you get home!), tell us what Camp Timber Tops means to you by writing to info@timbertops.com!



“Camp is home. It’s a place where these girls can be anything they want. A place to be goofs, a place safe from judgement, and a place full of friends. And how does that relate to the counselors? It holds true for us as well. Camp, even for us newcomers, is a place that becomes a home, something to look forward all year long.” 

“Growing up, CTT was the only place where I really felt that I could be whoever I wanted to be and I would still be accepted. It is a place filled with love, friendship, family and tradition and helped me grow into the confident person I am today.”

“Though my time as a camper solidified my love for and connection to camp, it was my time as a counselor that impacted me most. As a camper, I thought camp was perfect and magical. As a counselor, I realized that wasn’t the case – counselors and staff members work really hard every day to make camp seem perfect and magical. Being able to help create that experience for campers was hard at first, because a part of me still wanted to be a camper. But after a while, it became more fun than being a camper ever had been. And more rewarding too, because I realized how much of an impact counselors have on campers – and saw how much my girls impacted and taught me.”

“Camp Timber Tops is a place filled with love, where every person can be themselves, and have no worries in the world.” 

“Camp Timber Tops is the greatest gift in the world. It’s a gift of confidence, independence, happiness, and lifelong friendship. There’s just nothing like it.”

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