Spotlight on: Millie!

We are SO excited to announce a new blog series where we will feature a different Camp Timber Tops staff member each week as we count down to camp! This week, we kick off the series with none other than the famous MILLIE (yes, of Millie’s Landing)!


Current camp position: Assistant Director and Head Counselor of Seniors
Hometown: Allentown, PA
Winter job: School Counselor in a Washington, DC Elementary School
Years at camp:  This will be my 23rd summer!
CTT in 3 words:  Can Be Yourself
Favorite camp meal: Grove lunch (hamburgers and hot dogs)
Favorite camp tradition:  Old Timers!
Favorite camp song: Today
Favorite evening activities: Panic and Escape from CTT
Favorite part about being a camper:  Hanging out with my best friends for 8 weeks straight
Favorite part about being on head staff:  Getting to know and working with so many different campers and watching campers step out of their comfort zones to become independent and confident at a place where you can be yourself.
What you’re looking forward to most in 2015:  Making 2015 the best summer ever!
Fun fact:  I love to travel and have traveled to 6 of the 7 continents.  Antarctica is next!

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