Hi, from Anna!

The 50th reunion has made me start really thinking about my time at Timber Tops. I’ve spent my whole life in Greeley, PA. I started as a camper, of course, but then I held many different roles. Do you know that we once had a radio station at camp? I was the DJ (“DJ Black Magic”)! I was also part of the drama staff and then the head of our drama program. I was a unit leader, head counselor of hi-senior girls, and then assistant director. Now, as director, I really feel like it’s all come full circle. I met my husband in Greeley too. Eric and I started dating while I was a counselor at Timber Tops and he was a counselor at Pine Forest! We even got married in Greeley! Above all, though, my biggest claim to fame is the “Anna Summer Black Swimming Pool.” I’m Anna Summer Black! I’m never more proud to say that than during the summer, in Greeley, on a hot July day.

Yup, that’s me! Anna! No, not the counselor, the camper! With the Camp Timber Tops tank!

That's me! I loved archery!

Anyway, it’s safe to say that my roots are firmly planted down the winding road at camp. My great-grandparents, Hughie and Selma Black built Pine Forest in 1931, and my grandparents, Marvin and Netsy, built Timber Tops and Lake Owego in the 1960s. My parents, Mickey and Barbara, are the current owners and directors. I can’t wait for you to meet them and the rest of my family this summer. Timber Tops’ 50th Summer promises to be the best summer yet, and I’m so glad that you’re part of it! You’re what makes camp the most beautiful place in the world to me!

Start counting down the days! I know I am!
Get ready for the best summer ever!


My wedding at camp!

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