A Note from Judy Silver!

I started thinking a lot about camp today, partly because I set the clocks back an hour and partly because I went running in shorts. I’m Judy Silver, and this will be my 4th summer as the Athletic Director at Timber Tops. As Beth already told you, she and I will be running athletics together which is incredibly exciting for us. We can’t wait to work with our staff and campers. Beth and I bring a wealth of experience as athletes, coaches and former CTT campers. We started with a vision of turning Timber Tops into a place where fitness and health are not only encouraged but are part of the camp culture. This vision has emerged!

My favorite part of the camp day is evening line up when the sun is setting and another amazing day is coming to a close. At camp, we share the special feeling of living in the woods, away from the distractions of life at home. We can be as weird and crazy as we want to be. We can sing, skip, and scream whenever the moment moves us. This is what keeps bringing me back. See you all soon down the winding road…in mismatched socks, pajamas, and face paint.

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