A Wacky Wednesday Indeed!

Howdy, parents!

It was a great day at CTT, our final day of our (mostly) regular schedule. Today, campers went about the day with their bunk and/or participating in choice activities as they ordinarily would, and tomorrow it’s SFA (Supervised Free Activity) all day. What does that mean? It means that tomorrow campers can go to any activity they choose (in the moment) to get it all in and make it all count!

In addition to regular activities, we had a gymnastics show during general swim today. Congratulations to all those who participated! And tonight at lineup we’re reading bus lists and baggage information for the first time — we’ll likely get some boos for that one!

But there’s so much more fun in store, including at tonight’s all-camp social with Lake Owego Camp!

And once the social is over, the 10th graders will begin their preparation for tomorrow’s main event: BANQUET! More on that tomorrow. For now, we’re holding on to each camp moment. Don’t worry, we’re soaking in each and every last one!

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