Banquet 2022: Salix’s Storybook

It’s not often this blogger is at a loss for words, but tonight’s banquet is the stuff of fairytales and storybooks. Salix’s Storybook Banquet is beautiful, yes, and every banquet is emotional. But tonight’s representations of storybooks on the walls of the dining hall at banquet, the nostalgia of childhood evoked, the coming of age stories depicted, remind us of the passage of time here at camp. Tonight’s banquet reminds us of just how quickly time goes by each summer and how quickly childhood goes by too. It’s these feelings of love and love of camp, of childhood and nostalgia that we all feel tonight, but for our older camp it hits home even more. Our CAs, Salix, are just the most wonderful group of young women, and we are so fortunate to have had them as the leaders and role models at camp this summer. Though their childhood days of camp are coming to an end, we hope this is just their first chapter here at Timber Tops, that they live happily ever after down the winding road with us for a long time to come. 

Our 9th and 10th graders have been working so hard to prepare this most beautiful banquet to honor the CAs, and they came together, as they will next summer as CAs, to announce their CA name and their CA song. Next year’s CAs are… Torreya 2023! Their CA song will be “Boxes” by The Goo Goo Dolls. We have to say that it’s unusual to have two age groups join together (thanks, Covid!), but these young women have made it look easy with their kindness and compassion towards each other and their gratitude for this place. They truly are extraordinary, and we can’t wait to see what they do as CAs as their story continues. 

Make sure to check out photos and videos on Instagram of this incredible Banquet night at camp! And a heartfelt thanks to Ali, Art Director, who is so talented we’ve kept her here for over a decade, and we’ll never let her go- it’s her daughter’s first official banquet as a camper too! We love a good story. Get it?

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