Belays, Banana Boats, and The Big Sister/Little Sister Campfire!

It’s been a gorgeous and chilly day in Greeley, but nothing a CTT sweatshirt can’t fix! And in the sun, actually, it’s been warm and beautiful. How fortuitous, then, that yummy mac and cheese, tuna melts and tomato soup (and much, much more) were on the menu for lunch! It hit the spot on a chilly mountain day!

Today’s highlights have included: banana boats in outdoor cooking, belay instruction in ropes, gaga competitions like you wouldn’t believe, an awesome lacrosse clinic, floor work in gymnastics, 7th graders out waterskiing and tubing on Lake Wallenpaupack, 8th graders beginning their Survivor competition (more on that soon), jewelry making in arts and crafts, improv classes in drama, CAs preparing for tomorrow’s highly-anticipated senior lip sync, Juniors adorably walking to Lake Selma singing “The Middle” with their general counselors and MUCH MORE!

Around camp there was so much excitement in the air (as per usual!), probably even more because the big reveal is tonight! Big/Little Sister Campfire!

Our Timber Tops tradition is that all first-year campers get a big sister, and sometimes they even get two (a pair of sisters)! For the first few days of camp, big sisters anonymously gift their little sisters with small tokens and special camp experiences like scavenger hunts! At our first campfire of the summer, our big sisters will slowly walk down to our Lake Selma fire pit with lit candles singing “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” Little sisters will be waiting down by the lake with other first-time campers in each bunk, and when their big sisters find them, each pair blows out their candle and makes a wish, together, for the summer! The rest of the night is an evening of song and new friendships. Big sisters are special friends at camp and often for life. It’s going to be another awesome night at camp, but this one might just be a little more awesome than the rest.

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