Camp Timber Tops New Camper Tips!




1.   Communicate with the directors about any and all family, social or medication issues during the year. Nothing is too small! A meaningful camp/parent partnership benefits your son or daughter.
2.   Stay positive about separating from home! Don’t focus on what your camper will be missing (vacation, trips to the mall, redoing the kitchen), rather discuss what he or she has to look forward to at camp!
3.   If your daughter asks about homesickness, normalize it! “Of course you’ll miss things about home every now and again, because you have a wonderful home and family!” Also, in the same spirit, try to minimize your own feelings of child-sickness! “Of course we’ll miss you, but we’ll be fine! The summer will fly by and we’re so excited for you!”
4.   If your camper has special needs (in the cabin, in the health center, in the dining hall), make sure to call the director or, even better, write about it in your confidential forms (or as an addendum to the form) before camp– those confidential forms are our bible!
5.   Look into the schedule at camp and prompt your child on what to expect. Discuss different activities and trying new ones. Camp is a great, safe place to go outside of one’s comfort zone!
6.   Take advantage of Family Weekend. It’s a time to meet other families, see camp, get to know staff, and have positive camp experiences together as a family. What better a way to acclimate to your new summer home!
7.   Have a few letters from parents already at camp on the first day.
It will reassure your camper! Tip within a tip: keep it light!
8.   Send up your camper’s stuffed animal, a favorite book or two, and any other item that makes her feel more at home; if there’s something your camper sleeps with every night,
have her bring it!
9. NEVER promise to PICK UP YOUR CHILD. Even if she feels homesick or sad, remind her that camp is only for a few short weeks, and you know she can do it! She’s in a safe place. CAMP IS WHERE CHILDREN LEARN INDEPENDENCE! By giving your daughter the gift of camp, you’re giving her independence, resilience, and the ability to adapt to and thrive in new environments! If your children know that they’re staying at camp, they’ll allow themselves to let go and truly enjoy each moment!
10.   If there’s anything you’re worried about before, during or after the summer, CALL! We’re here for you, always. Really.
Chelsea Piers!
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