Camper Scamper, Greeley Games, Senior Lip Sync, Oh My!

Good evening, parents!

It’s been another terrific day here in these beautiful Pocono Mountains! This morning started early for some (many!) brave polar bears who, at 6:30AM, jumped into FREEZING Lake Selma, sang three songs, and then jumped out again. And all for what?! Bragging rights, of course. But chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate and a Polar Bear Club t-shirt (after participating three days in a row) ain’t too shabby!

Some of us went on a Top Cooks trip, some of us played flag football against Lake Owego Camp, and some of us (SO MANY of us!) hopped on a bus to Pine Forest Camp this morning for the Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper 5k! And all for what!? Bragging rights and a snazzy t-shirt, of course. Do you sense a theme?! We love a fab camp-sponsored t-shirt here at CTT. Congrats, girls!

And while we’re congratulating Timber Tops girls, a big round of applause goes to our CAs who participated in the EXTREMELY impressive Timber Trek! Yesterday, these brave CAs canoed from Bushkill Falls to Worthington State Forest where they camped out, woke up before dawn, and hiked all the way to Sunfish Pond in time for sunrise. Then, they hiked another 7 miles on the Appalachian Trail before heading home to us this afternoon. They are amazing!

And tonight, after Chinese food for dinner (woohoo!), we’ll all head down to the Timber Theater for Senior Lip Sync! We don’t need our fortune cookies to predict what will most certainly be another great night down the winding road!

(Apologies, friends: tonight’s blog won’t let this blogger post a photo! Hop onto CampMinder for your photo fix!)

Goodnight, folks!

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